Salifert Phosphate Test Kit


Phosphate Test Kit

Salifert’s Phosphate Test Kit helps prevent problematic phosphate build-ups by allowing you to detect the problem early. Too much phosphate in your aquarium can result in slowed coral growth, while pest algae growth is accelerated. Fish food is the most common source of phosphate input in aquariums, and levels above 0.05 mg/L can already prove problematic. The Salifert Phosphate Test Kit gives you accurate results within seconds, allowing you to take action against phosphate build-up as soon as possible. This kit provides approximately 50 tests per box.

Phosphate has several negative effects if present in too high concentrations. Undesirable algae growth might result, making an ugly aquarium!

Phosphate also blocks or retards the growth of corals and calcareous algae.

Scientific studies show that a phosphate concentration higher than 0.05 mg/L decreases the growth of calcareous algae by 90%!


  • Measures phosphate levels quickly and accurately
  • Easy to use and read without sacrificing precision
  • Helps to prevent common complications of phosphate
  • Especially important in reef aquariums with corals
  • Approximately 50 tests per kit for repeat usage
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