Live Brine Shrimp

Notice on Super Savers: Our Super Saver products were created to help bring the ease of having our Gut-Loaded Brine accessible to a more affordable market, versus the cost of overnight shipping. With the rising cost of shipping and cost of packaging, we have re-tooled the program to make sure we are sending off an affordable product, and one that can survive 2-day shipping times. We are confident that these changes will bring a better product to you and your tank mates!

Live Brine Shrimp

Brine Shrimp are a favorite live feed for those who want to provide a nutritious and interesting addition to their animals' diet.

At Northeast Brine Shrimp, the quality, nutrition, and freshness of our live brine shrimp is unsurpassed.

First, we gut-load our brine shrimp with enhanced beta-carotene, and other supplements, to ensure that our brine shrimp are loaded with nutritional value. When your animals consume our brine shrimp, the beta carotene is passed along to them bringing out the best their natural coloring. In addition, consuming live food reinforces your animals' natural hunting behaviors, as opposed to a diet of strictly prepared foods.

Next we provide our live brine shrimp in multiple sizes so you can choose the right size brine shrimp for the animals you are feeding:

Our Adult Brine Shrimp are an excellent nutritional source for mature aquatic organisms.

Our 1/2 grown brine shrimp are perfect for newly arrived animals in quarantine, and smaller juvenile fish from in-home breeding projects, and

Our 1/4 grown brine shrimp are perfect for new additions to the tank, as well as coral and newly hatched fish from in-home breeding projects.

Finally, when you order from Northeast Brine Shrimp, your order will be sent to you overnight, direct from our facility. You will get the healthiest animals since they have not gone through multiple vendors before they reach you.

The freshness of our brine shrimp cannot be beat. You and your tank mates will not be disappointed!

Northeast Brine Shrimp also offers several products which make it easy to maintain a culture of brine shrimp so you can always have a steady source of live food for your animals, including our Brine Shrimp Grow Kit, Brine Shrimp Eggs, Brine Shrimp Food, Brine Shrimp Salt, and Brine Shrimp Life Extender.

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